About Gayle

Photographer in The Outer Banks of North Carolina  & Leesburg, Virginia 

Gayle Tiller is a professional photographer in Asheville, NC, with 30 years of experience in the photography world. She is an artist who “paints with a camera” and is always in search of her next canvas. When she started out in this profession, her Nikon was with her everywhere she traveled. From film to digital, she has spent countless hours, weeks, months, and years capturing her subjects in the moments their unique personalities shine the most.

Whether she is in the studio or on location, Gayle incorporates natural light and scenery to create the setting. She is one of the portrait photographers whose career started so long ago shooting film. Her elegant and simple approach has earned her numerous awards, nationally and locally, showcases in various publications, and national recognition.

She can now be found photographing in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Leesburg, Virginia, and some summer months in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Gayle is most noted for her unique ability to bring out the uninhibited and gregarious personalities of her young subjects and capture their magic in a single image. During the summer months she invites children of all ages to revel in the sunrise, dance in the waves during sunset, and dig in the sand on the beaches as she frames the moment through a lens.

A Simple and Elegant Approach to Photography

Photography is difficult to master. It requires knowledge of different types of technology and editing software, as well as a keen eye for composition, colors, and balance within each frame. To top it all off, portrait photographers have to know how to work with people not so they can record a moment a family or friends share together, but instead record what makes that moment so special.

As a photographer specializing in portraits–especially children’s portraits–Gayle believes that simplicity is elegance. She focuses on the subject of the portrait without distractions in the scenery. This doesn’t mean her pictures lack character. Quite the opposite, in fact. Because she concentrates on the person or people within her photos, she captures their true personalities.

Gayle has been a photographer for decades. She has spent that time fine-tuning her craft. This not only means that she has the technical experience required to take a great picture, but she also knows how to work with clients to catch their essence. She works with each person to make them as comfortable as possible in front of the lens so they end up with images that are 100% authentic. Schedule a consultation to see more of Gayle’s previous work and see her passion for photography.

Contact Gayle today to schedule your photo session. She works with people throughout Asheville, North Carolina; Leesburg, Virginia; and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.