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Portraits in San Francisco

My most trip recent trip to the Bay Area proved to be a great photographic journey. The landscape and lighting combinedView full post »


While traveling in South Arica, everything seems colorful, alive and at times, despairing. Check back for more images:View full post »

Traveling in Utah

Recently, I left the comfort of photographing both in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Loudoun County Virginia forView full post »

The Oregon Coast

Recently I traveled out west to the Oregon Coast. Luckily, I enjoyed great weather, visited old friends and marveled inView full post »


Men. I am uncertain why “men”  are given their own post, but here they are: men, in their profession,View full post »

Water, location: earth

WATER. We drink it, we swim in it, we surf in it, we commute on it, and we take it for granted. These images wereView full post »