Ready. Set. Spring!

And thank you to everyone who has been photographed for our spring photography special in Leesburg. The opportunity is still available for you to be a part of our spring photography sessions. Ready to capture a moment? Contact us, to discuss the details and set an appointment.

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Shedding Winter’s Layers


We are saying goodbye to winter, by offering you a unique photography special in Leesburg Virginia. This project is for a series of images to be displayed in our gallery.  We will be photographing in various locations throughout Loudoun County. This special is for children of all ages. (we will not be photographing families for this) However, you can join us for a family session during our spring special.

Please email or call for details., 540-338-1966

shedding winter

Winter’s Comforts

Old Man Winter keeps delivering.  So again, I bundle up
and trudge through the snow in order to capture with my lens
those things which keep us through the harsh, bone-cold
winter.  Today, I saw a flock of robins.  I’m taking it as a sign
that spring really will be palpable soon.  Makes me happy
enough to offer spring specials at the first sight of daffodils.
Won’t last much longer than the bloom, so check your Farmer’s
Almanac and schedule a session soon.

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