spring photos

Spring has arrived and again I return to the familiar scenery of Loudoun County. Photographing here in the different seasons, is always a welcome change. Spring, brings new colors, textures and light and with these ingredients, I blend together pictures of children, embracing the warm days. Join us for a few spring pictures. Call them mini sessions if you like. Each session I photograph is a custom session.

Spring is all around us

Even though a nip of chill lingers in the air, we are continuing to photograph in Leesburg. Adding warmth to the days with laughter and love, creates pictures of joy!


Spring time photos

Spring photos have found us! With the warm weather finally arriving in Loudoun county, we are thrilled to be photographing outside again! We have shed our winter skin and are enjoying the warmth of spring. Join us for a picture celebration, we will be photographing for the next couple of weeks, and look forward to enjoying the light of the day with you! We will also be photographing in the late afternoon into early evening for optimal lighting conditions.
Give a call or send an email to schedule an appointment. 540.338.1966/gayletillerimages@gmail.com