Snow, Ice, and Wind, The Outer Banks

During the Winter months, snow, ice and wind visit the Outer Banks. The scenery still surrounds us with beauty. Being saturated by a  Winter sunset has been known to overtake the viewer as if he was in a dream of color. Some people, they say, never return…

Holiday Portraits, Purcellville

Every year we photograph a Holiday special in Loudoun County , Virginia. Each year we build a custom set, we paint, we design, and we create a new look. It’s rustic and it’s festive! Enjoy our custom designed sets each year in Purcellville, Virginia for your holiday portrait!I

Autumn Days

Autumn days in Loudoun County, Virginia lend me a backdrop of beauty for fall images. The rustic landscape sets a mood, a feeling and a reason to celebrate the season of color. For portraits of children, I love the brilliance of color that autumn lends us.I photograph child and family portraits in Leesburg. I also do portraits of children in Purcellville.


Water, location: earth

WATER. We drink it, we swim in it, we surf in it, we commute on it, and we take it for granted. These images were recorded in The Outer Banks, Puerto Rico and other beautiful places…