The Oregon Coast

Recently I traveled out west to the Oregon Coast. Luckily, I enjoyed great weather, visited old friends and marveled in the rustic beauty of the rocky Oregon coastline.

Holiday Portrait Special, Nov. 6th, 7th, 13th & 14th

Welcome to our Holiday Sessions 2010. This year our Holiday Photo sessions will take place in Leesburg. .The address is 15819 Hambrick Manor Lane. The exact directions to our location can be found under the Directions tab, which is found at the top of this page.

The sessions are November 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th.

This year we will team up with the Perfect Pair for the wonderful talent of Sally and her awesome holiday cards.

Our holiday sets are designed by me, my long-time assistant Virginia, and other creative people passing by to help us out.  Yes, we constantly move around Loudoun County searching, creating, and photographing in great locations that offer rustic, elegant backgrounds.  We like to change the set every year for our loyal clients, and to keep me from becoming completely bored, looking through my lens at the identical scene.

This year we will be photographing just outside of Leesburg on Route 15 at the new location. The dates are NOVEMBER 6th, 7th, 13th &14th. Please call 540-338-1966 or email me to schedule an appointment:

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TALENTED f r i e n d s…

Wandering… I believe that what I was doing, with a camera, in Northern Virginia. As a photographer, I am fortunate enough to have friends blessed with raw  talent.

Mindy Piland: Owner of Yoga Time Studio in Purcellville. Mindy possesses a remarkable and natural ability of the art of Yoga. This zany friend of mine, has recently moved her Yoga studio, basically across the street from her old one. We decided to to promote that move with a celebration of a photo shoot. Naturally, the police showed up. If you have not ventured all the way out to Purcellville for one of Mindy’s classes, you might want to start driving, NOW. For a schedule of classes check out her site,

The Wilder Brothers: A two man band (sometimes more, great musicians join in and jam often) are Kevin Roughton and Andy Rice, from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Kevin’s dedication to keeping acoustic music and its technique the focus of the band is creatively presented in his unique rhythmic guitar style complemented with his smooth baritone voice. (okay I stole that from your blog guys) I have known Kevin for many years now, and my words cannot articulate this man’s talent or personality, I’m just saying…Andy Rice: Andy joined Kevin over three years ago, bringing with him, a stand up bass and a tremendous amount of technique. His voice is the epitome of rustic elegance. Andy graduated with a Masters in music from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Andy’s philosophical humor can he heard in the lyrics of the music he writes.  At some gigs I introduce myself as Gayle Wilder. Don’t make it weird…Being that I already have two names, Gayle Tiller and Gayle Tewksbury, I hope that  no one is actually listening to me. The images of The Wilder Brothers were from a gig the other evening at The State Theater in Falls Church, Virginia. For more information on the Wilder Brothers check out their sites:,

John Signorello: Jazz musician. John or Sig, delivers with a swagger and a smile. It’s the Frank Sinatra influence. Fronting a big band, he’s in control of the room. Excellent musical arrangements and a lineup of stellar musicians give him all he needs to interpret each selection in his own way. Signorello’s tenor voice comes across strong and fresh, and he’s got a firm grasp of all the elements needed to work with a big band.

Sig and his family, wife and 4 small children, have become a magical part of my world. John and his wife Carolyn have created a recording studio, of which I will be a part of. Sharing studio space with Sig will certainly produce something along the lines of , looniness, audible bliss, and visual happiness. If you know Sig, you’ll know what I am talking about.

This is the beginning of my journey to record images of my friends who possess the gift of talent…

Come on Laura Matier and Linda Lauby, where you are you?

The Last Days of Summer…

The last days of summer, rich with sunlight….an insignificant chill fills the air and wispy clouds take over the sky. Gayle photographs with the intimacy of a love affair, a love affair between, camera, light and photographer.

By Jorge Walker

Spread the word…. Northern Virginia Photographer is back!

Northern Virginia photographer, Gayle T. Tiller is back in the area, she will be photographing through the fall in Leesburg, Purcellville, Ashburn and just about anywhere you want her to photograph. Gayle’s vibrant images of children in the Autumn color are true pieces of art.

By Mary Mcdowell