Senior Photography Leesburg Virginia

Come on out for your senior portrait to our location in Leesburg. It’s rustic, it’s colorful, it’s the place to be photographed for your senior picture.

URBAN STYLE. (April 1st, 2nd & 3rd, a photo special in Leesburg Virginia)

PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIAL April 1st, 2nd & 3rd. We will be photographing around Leesburg, and other undisclosed locations. I will seriously try not to trespass, but I cannot promise anyone that.

Urban Style: Early Spring 2011, a photo special for kids, teens and professionals.

Join us, let your sense of style become Urban….

Please give us a call or contact us by email for or URBAN STYLE, Spring 2011 Photo Special details. 540-338-1966,

Holiday Photo Celebration 2010

Now that the turbulence of the holiday season is behind us, we can reflect back on that jolly time of year . The greatest way I know how, is with a handful of Holiday images from our sets in Leesburg.   For the 2010 Holiday sets, we designed various locations, each modeled for lighting, composition and sense of spirit. The season rang in laughter, snow and a few colder days photographing, but the result is warm and cheerful.

These images of children were photographed By Children’s Photographer, Gayle T. Tiller, in Leesburg Virginia.

Autumn Morning…Pumpkinfest, Leesburg Virginia!

What a beautiful autumn morning out in Leesbrug, Virginia. While photographing my little subject, “Olivia”, the  laughter and pumpkins became a magical moment in time. The light on porch was brilliant, the air temperature seeming ideal, and my camera and I content.

I will be in Leesburg and the Northern Virginia area photographing for the next few months. Join us for our fall celebration!

The Oregon Coast

Recently I traveled out west to the Oregon Coast. Luckily, I enjoyed great weather, visited old friends and marveled in the rustic beauty of the rocky Oregon coastline.