Holiday 2017


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Holiday pictures in Leesburg, Virginia. We will be photographing both during the day as well as in the evening by the fireside. November 4th-22nd.

Summertime Provides the Creative Locations for Scenic Photography & Portraits

If you are looking to have the perfect picture taken of yourself or your family, summer is the time to do it. Longer days mean more time for shooting outdoors, and warmer temperatures mean that you can take advantage of free flowing dresses and lighter clothing. Best of all, the world is vivid and still green from spring, allowing for some stunning backdrops. By hiring a photographer in Asheville, NC, to take your photo, you are able to get the most out of your summertime environment.

Who doesn’t love mountains or scenic views photography? Whether you are trying to take a silhouette photo in front of a sunrise, or you want to take advantage of how the sun sparkles on the water behind you. The mountains or scenic views are the perfect place to take these shots. This location lends itself well to family portraits, pregnancy photos, engagement pictures, and more. Everyone always look relaxed at the mountains or scenic views.

If the mountains or scenic views aren’t your thing, you could try making the day into a picnic. Take advantage of the later summer golden hour, and take pictures in the park that will create memories that last a lifetime. This is the perfect time of year to take photos in nature, because many flowers are still in bloom, and the leaves have yet to change. A skilled photographer knows how to use the vivid greens to create wonderful contrast. Ditch the studio and go outside for your next portrait — the weather is fine.

Celebrate July 4 with Professional Photos You Can Keep Forever

Flag-waving, fireworks, and summer food make the July 4 holiday especially memorable for families. Many families and friends have traditions of backyard barbecues, potluck get togethers, catered outdoor meals, or picnics at the mountains or scenic views.

Whatever your tradition, you can make this patriotic, celebratory holiday even more unforgettable with family photography in Asheville, NC. Great pictures re-create the good time that was had by all. With photos in that digital frame or gracing the walls of your home, you can go back in time to capture the joy of the moment.

These days everyone has a camera at hand, right in his or her phone. However, you might want to put your phone away and let a professional handle the photography for this special occasion. This way, you do not miss one second of the celebration.

A professional photographer has the training and experience to deal with the equipment, lighting, setting, and picture-taking. This leaves you or a designated relative free to enjoy the party. You get the benefit of art-quality photographs that you can share with family and friends. This coming Independence Day has the potential to be the best ever with assistance from a professional family photographer who records it all for you.

a taste of Asheville

Photographing food in Asheville starts with Pete’s Pies, a British pub in the heart of downtown Asheville. Pete’s Pies offers a  variety of savory pies, as well as tradition British food.  The steak and ale pie is made with local ale from Greenman brewery. Pete’s Pies also offers fresh salads for a lighter faire. Food styling and food photography are quickly becoming a favorite art of mine! For a menu and other restaurant information, here is the link:


scotch eggs

scotch egg salad

steak and ale pie, with Greenman porter[/caption]

savory meat pies

"british food"

scotch eggs



food photography

yummy guinness chocolate cheese cake



savory pies

caribean curry pie

Summer Light

Apart from photographing in Asheville, NC during the Sumer months, my camera and I  will head back to the Outer Banks of NC, for some good old fashioned beach portraits. Whether you are vacationing in Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk or Nags Head, we can meet for an evening to create great family photographs on the beach.  My appetite for beach light, salty air, and clouds over the sea, will be fulfilled on July 6th-20th and August 3rd-9th.  The contrast of photographing in the mountains  of Asheville, NC and The Outer Banks of NC, is a marvelous way to extend my love of photography, from mountains to sea!

email for details:

forth of july fireworks

Happy 4th of July Kitty Hawk, NC